There are a number of different ways to tune a Cigar Box Guitar:

Three string open tuning: A-E-A or G-D-G
Three string classical tuning: A-D-G
Magic jazz tuning: A-E-G
Hawaiian tuning: A-E-F#

Four string open tuning: A-E-A-C# or G-D-G-B
Four string classical tuning: D-G-B-E
Four string banjo tuning: D-G-B-D


For those that might be interested in how I wire my CBG’s:

Volume and Tone Potentiometers ( ¼ watt audio or logarithmic )

  • Connected to Humbucker pickups = 500k
  • Connected to Single Coil pickups = 250k

Treble Bleed modification:


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Getting started
An awesome website to start with:

If you want some inspiration, you can’t go past Justin Johnson, Shane Speal or Uncle Mark:

Justin Johnson:

Justin Johnson YouTube:

Shane Speal’s CBG lessons:

Uncle Mark’s CBG lessons:

And finally, heaps of ideas: